Education And Learning Disabilities

Education is a blessing. But, in the today’s world, it causes harm to growing children. The reason is national education association follows double standards. There are two standards of national education association. The first is to design education program. The second is to gain power over the system.

This organization is corrupt. The organization imprisons minds of local school authorities. The reason behind this policy is capital gain. This affects education.

National education association does lot of endorsements. It believes in personal profit at the risk of child. The organization wants to gain control over teachers. It wants power over the system. This organization has affected community and conduct.

The parents of children are affected by their policies. They cannot enforce their values on children. Control passes to government officials. The children cannot learn in a systematic way.

National education association takes control on the thinking of a child. The future of the child is insecure under it. This creates a problem. Every child has a different thinking pattern. The national education association crushes this reality. The parents are hooked to it. They cannot decide between the truth and falsehood.

This system has caused learning disability. Learning disability is the result of this corrupt system. Children with ADHD see a different light than the others.

These cases behave in strange manner due to hyperactive symptoms. Doctors give medicine to ADHD cases. The general medicines are Adderall and Ritalin. Other drug used is amphetamine. It is addictive. It is called speed on the streets. Medications cause schizophrenia tendencies in the child.

ADHD cases have great observation. These children listen out of turn when others speak. They hear the different meanings of words. They hear the interpretation of other person in a different way. ADHD cases have audio-visual problems. There is hand to eye coordination disability in these cases.

Special education program is a solution for ADHD cases. Results show the negative effects of special education programs. The reason is teachers force these children to learn at different levels. The children are not ready for this. This creates a big clash.

You cannot force child with intelligence quotient of higher level to move to a lower level. This will cause learning disability in the education system.