Children With Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

In the field of education, there are some children whose general intelligence is normal, yet they are underperformers. You may find it confusing, but chances are these children are suffering from non-verbal learning disabilities. It is basically a learning disorder which usually begins to manifest itself very early in a person’s life. Due to this ailment, the process of development is harmed considerably.

This form of disorder may lead to several other disorders. Its symptoms can be seen in the motor functions of a child. The child fails to put the visualized objects or events in the proper spatial perspective. Even the very basics of arithmetic and reasoning may prove difficult for the person suffering from nonverbal learning disabilities. Also, his sensory faculties are rendered redundant.

This disorder is not easy to diagnose and in many cases, people suffering from it have perfectly normal conversation skills. Hence, one tends to overlook the fact that this may be a case of NLD. But actually these people find many important aspects problematic. They fail to understand the gestures or facial expressions of those who they are talking to. Most of the time, they can not grasp the real meaning of the things that are being said. All such types are classified under this specific category.

There are people who can read fluently, yet can not score well in tests because their writing skills are below par. This is also another symptom of learning disorder.

The nature of this deficiency changes with the progression of time. During the childhood days, it is reflected through attention-deficit and general nonperformance. With the growth in age, it tends to shift to socialization failures. They are detached from the common people around them, as nobody seems to pay heed to their special needs. This usually leads to anxiety and depression in the long run.