Shower Bars Should Be Handicapped-Friendly!

Handicapped persons need assistance and special help to enable them to live life fully and perform as nearly as normal persons. In daily life, they are in need of a wheelchair or a walking stick or books written in Braille etc. Besides these, their home has to be modified to make life somewhat more safe and comfortable according to the nature of their disability.

Coming to the safety and comfort of the handicapped, the bathrooms need special attention in the case of persons with disabilities. To use the shower and seats a person using a wheelchair needs room to access the shower and seat areas in a bathroom with his wheelchair.

Whether a person has mobility limitations, or even otherwise as a safety measure, to prevent slipping in the bathroom or shower areas, one could install bathroom grab bars or handicap shower bars. These are bathroom safety aids especially for the handicapped but also for the aged and safety conscience normal persons.

These days such grab or shower bars come with smart looks and it is a wise safety measure around the house and they are cost effective, too. Imagine all the trouble and expenses from hospitalization and recovery on account of an accidental slip in a bathroom! So, an intelligent person would want to be prepared for such eventualities and goes for shower bars as an essential accessory around his house.

Grab bars or shower bars can assist in many ways such as: getting in and out of the shower or tub, getting up from or sitting down on the shower seat or chair, providing stability while drying off after a shower or bath, providing stability while transferring from the wheelchair to the raised toilet or shower seat, providing stability while dressing and putting on clothes, etc.

In fact there may be several situations that a handicapped person may encounter wherein such grab or shower bars may come in handy and could be of great utility and assistance. So, the next time you want to grab a shower then do grab the shower bar as well!