Know More about Housing Assistance for the Disabled

Since people with disabilities most acutely face housing needs, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development came up with a special scheme to provide housing assistance for the disabled. The project is called ABILITY House project. ABILITY House and its Habitat for Humanity affiliates have been providing housing for families with one or more disabled members, since its inception.

The move has been lauded as an important step towards removal of barriers that have till now kept people with disabilities away from owning a home. With the help of ABILITY, it would now become possible for them to have a home of their own.

What is an ABILITY House?
An ABILITY House is a home tailor-made according to the needs of the disabled individuals. It has a highly versatile universal design which has been created keeping in mind the different needs of a disabled person. It might come as a surprise for you but College students with disabilities have helped with the design of ABILITY House.

How to Receive Housing Assistance for Disabled
The selection process of those who would receive housing assistance is undertaken by Habitat for Humanity affiliates. Hence, if you too are interested to obtain housing assistance then you need to contact the local office of Habitat for Humanity. You can visit their official website to locate the nearest Habitat for Humanity office.

Never Heard Of ABILITY House
Since ABILITY Housing program was a national level effort, not all Habitat for Humanity affiliates might be fully aware of it. Hence, if somebody gives you a blank on hearing ABILITY Housing, don't panic. Instead, politely ask them to call ABILITY Housing on (714) 277-4330. The office would explain to them all the relevant details about partnering with ABILITY House.

Volunteer Work for ABILITY House Project
The best part about ABILITY House project is that it not only provides homes to people with disabilities, it also helps disabled individuals find employment. College students and members of the US armed forces suffering from disability are invited to volunteer their services in different stages of construction and marketing of ABILITY Homes.

Volunteerism of this type is an important move as it allows the volunteers to gain recognition as potential employees. This gives a major boost to their careers and provides them with an opportunity to become independent and financially-secure. At the same time, their volunteer activity is also taken in to recognition when awarding ABILITY Homes.

How can people help?
The general public can help ABILITY and affiliates of Habitat for Humanity by making monetary (or property) contributions to it. People can donate whatever amount they want.