Handicap Toilets

As we all know the importance of toilets in our daily life, we prefer those which are portable and well decorated.

However, when it comes to the handicap toilets, they are made with a view of all the facilities and comforts for the handicap people as they are physically disable. These disabled people require more manageable and portable toilets so as to not face any problem while going for the nature’s call.

Generally, these toilets are available in two standard sizes, one is known as elongated which is meant for common people and the other one is specially designed for disable people called as ADA or handicap toilets.

These ADA toilets have some distinctions in height and furnished with back and handle. The height is mandatory for handicap toilets (according to American disabilities act or ADA), while the other two things could be changed as per the convenience of the user.

The height of this toilet should be between 17 in to 18in which enables them easy to use.
These toilets are specially designed for disable people, so, one can ask whether children and other persons can use it or not. Yes, with the purpose of protection, everybody can use these toilets because the seat is wider and longer and the width of the middle hole in the seat is 8 inch which makes all the difference.

Two luxury handicap models are discussed below:

Model 1317 by Mansfield- It has all the features like elderly/ handicap height, flush regulator ready and  consume 1.5gpf- 6.0lpf.

The multi-chair 3000TX- It can be folded up and can be fitted in 8”x 18” that can easily fit in your lap.