Why A Disability?

There could be various reasons why a person could suffer from disabilities. A lot of them involve the brain. If anything goes wrong with the brain it might cripple a person partially or entirely. But, then sometimes we are helpless. For e.g. what if the causes are genetic or related to improper formation of the brain during pregnancy.

Some of the other common factors which might be the cause of disability are:

* Defects or errors in the brain structure due to an accident.
* Some drugs might also alter the structure of the brain.
* In fact, it might seem weird but poor nutrition can also be a cause of disability.
* If it is passed on via our parents' genes then we have absolutely no control over it.
* Infants who are not cared for properly might also develop problems in the brain
* The brain itself might suffer from some problems. Like there might be inadequate secretion of neurotransmitter chemicals like dopamine or serotonin.

Some of these can be prevented if adequate precautions are taken whereas some of them are entirely for no fault of ours. So, whatever be the cause or reason, at least proper knowledge can serve as the key for saving us from a whole lot of problems.