What Are The Signs Of Autism In Young Child?

Many parents of autistic children would say that although they have seen some unusual signs and have ideas that there is something wrong to their child, it is already too late when they have made an action…

Autism is a mental disorder that could not be predicted nor prevented while the baby is still inside the womb. It is often diagnosed as after the damage has been done to the child, usually from 3-4 years old. However, the signs of autism could already be seen between the first and second year of the child. And this is the crucial period where parents can intervene on the case of their child because although the condition is irreversible, the effects can be minimize and controlled.

Thus, it is important to know what are the signs evident to child with autism.

The very first sign on autism can be very evident on speech. The child usually utters his first words before or after his first birthday. However, autistic child could experience language delay. Sometimes, this delay would last up to his 3rd or 4th birthday. In some cases, child cannot utter any words. But then, it is disappointing to know that parents would consider language delay normal as was said by their pediatricians where in fact, it is already the early manifestation of autism.

Another sign that the child has autism is his lack of attention or response to things or other people. A normal growing child at the age of one would begin to point objects or respond to other people. Normal child would begin to take interest on object such as toys. However, child with autism finds it hard to focus their attention on things. They rarely respond on other people’s points. He simply stays on his current state unmindful of what is happening around him.

As early as 8 to 10 months, a normal child imitates others with their facial movements and sounds. However, child with autism responds rarely on this. He seems to develop a world of his own and remains on this world unmindful of the reality.

Usually, babies respond to their names during the first few months. They also respond on the voices of familiar people with looks and smiles. If you notice that your child does not respond on his name or would not respond the way normal babies do, then you can suspect that he has autism.

The child with autism develops a pattern of activity or likings on a certain things. And he simply could not detach himself from this pattern that when you remove it to him, he often responds violently. The violent reaction would be endless crying and tantrums.

Poor or uneven development of motor skill is another sign that your child has autism. Difficulty in walking straight and lack of eye and body coordination are some of the manifestations.

Another sign of a child with autism is the unusual response to too many sensory stimuli. This is sometimes revealed when the child gets restless when within the crowd. He does not want too many people surrounding him. Too much noise would be unbearable for him. Crying is the usual effect of this.

Seeing these signs of autism, you as parents must take him to doctors such as pediatric psychologist, occupational therapist, developmental pediatrician, speech or language pathologist,