Valuable Information For Parents Having Child With Autism

For parents, having a child with autism can be both stressful and frustrating, especially if you can see other parents with normal children. However, no matter how hard you want your child to be normal as possible, all you can do is to minimize the effects of the disorder and make your child live a happy life. Autism sustains a great amount of misery and pain to both you and your child. But this does not mean you have to sit there are watch hopelessly as your child grows differently. As was mentioned, you can do something about it to minimize its effects.

One thing you should know is that autism is undetectable before birth and the first manifestations of it can appear after a year or two after giving birth. This is why you as parents, should know the early signs of autism as early as possible because it can hit any child in different ways.

Early signs of autism are language delay, repetitive use of words or phrases in a normal setting, resistance to change and insistence on a single activity cycle, fond on spinning object, apparent fear on things, poor concentration, lack of sensory pleasure, detachment on the real world, and lack of interest on toys.

If you see some of these signs, approach a doctor that can provide clear answers on the condition of your child. Then, if your child has been diagnosed with autism, provide him with early intervention program. The early preventive treatment is the best thing you can do to alter the effects of autism to your child. People who can give early intervention program would include pediatric psychologist, occupational therapist, developmental pediatrician, speech or language pathologist, and early childhood educator or special education teacher.

It must be reiterated that an early intervention program must be done as soon as your child is diagnosed with autism. Early intervention program is inclusive with both therapeutic and educational services that are significantly important to reduce the effects of autism. These programs will also prevent your child to develop problems associated with autism like repetitive behaviors.

Importance of the early intervention program can be used on the day your child is ready to enter school. Depending on the program and the case of your child, you can either choose to enroll your child to special schools that supports students with autism, a regular school with normal students, or a private school that provides low student-to-teacher ratios in classrooms giving each child with closer therapeutic and educational attention.

Your role of the parents, however, does not end on these alone. You should be informed on how to deal with autism. This would enable you to help your child as he grows old. It is especially important on your part to keep the following rules of the thumb on how to interact with your child:

1.    Let your child develop a sense of security and peace on your place.
2.    Develop routines in and out of the house. Rules on what is the expected attitude in and outside of the house must be clearly disclosed and must apply.
3.    Don’t be restrictive but be strict. Make sure you apply restrictions on patterns that would worsen his condition. No means NO.
4.    Provide affection in many ways as possible.