Some Types Of Learning Disabilities

There are some types of learning disabilities that are very common among many people around the world. Some of the disabilities are sometimes not considered a mental disability since their impact is not severe in the normal functioning of life.

But, there are some learning disabilities that are very crucial in the development of one's personality. They are much complicated and are accompanied by some kind of mental disabilities, physical disabilities or visual disabilities.

Normally, a person with a learning disability finds difficult to collect, organize, or act on verbal and nonverbal information and he finds it troublesome in understanding and using spoken or written language. This is due to a neurological variance in brain feature or functioning. A learning disability has the following features:

* Problems in language accession and language dexterity like listening, reading, speaking, writing, and spelling.
* Lack of proverbial development and remembrance.
* Diversification of attention and organization.

It is a myth that people with learning disabilities have low intelligence, its not always true. Since, some of the types of learning disabilities in fact have average or above average intelligence. Some types of learning disabilities are mentioned here:

* Speech and language disorders in which the person is delayed by years in the development of one of these skills.
* Difficulty in producing speech sounds is called articulation disorder.
* Learning disability of verbal expression.
* Reading problems known as dyslexia.
* Writing problems called dysgraphia.
* Arithmetic skills problems called dyscalculia.
* Fine motor skills problems known as dyspraxia.

The low growth of sensitive brain structure and inactive function causes learning disabilities. However, other facts are also related to various fields. Neurological disorder that had been neglected during the adolescence years may also get severe with time. The neurological abnormalities in the brain result from:

* Genetic disorder
* Factors before birth or during delivery
* Factors in early childhood
* Brain trauma or tumors

The ADA, Disability Rights Commission, and other associations for the disabilities have recommended adapted equipment for their rehabilitation. Thus, the minor learning disabilities can be cured with proper application of the assistive technology.