Pregnancy Disability Leave

The meaning of disability has changed a lot in the recent years. It has become very flexible with reference to the benefits meant for disability. The word 'disabled' is now, no longer connoted with the literary meaning of physical incapability due to some kind of handicapped elements. Its meaning has changed with time and with the advancement of free capitalist economy under the laws of federal government. The benefits scheme too has changed a lot.

Thus, now disability benefits are covered in many cases which were not prevalent some years back. Disability now means your inability to work normally. Some might consider maternity leave as a disability leave. This is because during the course of pregnancy, the woman cannot work for her usual earnings.

Pregnancy disability leave is granted to a woman after the medical confirmation that she cannot work any more till childbirth. She is medically advised to take complete rest. Generally, the pregnancy disability leave is considered as a FMLA and have the same benefits.

The disability leave is granted for four months. This is a paid leave. After childbirth, the woman can take more leave for three months or 12 weeks for necessary for bonding with the child. This leave may be unpaid or paid depending on the condition of the employer and the time of the year.

During pregnancy, the woman cannot work like her normal self. She needs rest and homely care. This disability leave is granted to a female employee to show that they are being cared and treated like other employees who get temporary or short-term sickness disability leave. The duration for such leaves is also for three or four months under the FMLA.

It’s mandatory for any organization to provide such disability leave. An employee who is pregnant and wants a leave on this ground should inform beforehand to the concerned authority.