Learning Disability Tests

Learning disability tests help a person judge whether he is suffering from learning disabilities or not. There are many characteristics of learning disabilities like difficulty in doing mathematics, constructing of logical sentences, difficulties with directions and maps and alike. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) has stated in its guidelines that people with learning disabilities should be provided with necessary help in their academic and professional life. People with learning disabilities are also eligible to get social security disability benefits if it is proved that a person with learning disability can not get a decent substantial employment.

Through learning disability tests, a person with learning disability can be identified. Such tests include a series of standardized Intelligence Quotient tests and neuropsychological and psycho educational measures. In fact, tests of basic academic achievement such as reading comprehension tests also help to know whether a person is suffering from learning disability or not.

Most of the public and private schools and academic institutions have been providing assistance to the students with disabilities. Special education and teaching should be provided to such students so that they can easily adapt to their condition in the process of learning. Rehabilitation of students with learning and reading disabilities requires study material that is specially made for such students.