Learning Disabilities Association

Learning disabilities in children was a matter of discrimination and inequality around 50 years ago. Seeing the difficulties and the problems met out to the children with learning disabilities, the parents and guardians, and representatives of the local support groups gathered. In Chicago in March, 1963 a national conference on learning disabilities was held among these people. This led to the birth of a national organization called Learning Disabilities Association(LDA) in 1964.

The LDA has been serving lacs of children with learning disabilities and helping their family members and others who work with them. Today Learning Disabilities Association is the largest non-profit volunteer organization with almost two hundred or more affiliations throughout the U.S. in forty two states. And the number of international members have risen to almost fifteen thousand from nearly 26-27 countries.

The organization works for the development of both children and adults with learning disabilities. They have a notion that people with learning disabilities can do better than the normal people. The mission of LDA is to create opportunities so that people with learning disabilities get a chance to show their potentialities and can improve their situation.

The association provides cutting edge information on the various forms of learning disabilities, improvement techniques, practical methods, and solutions to tackle the problems. Thus, creating a sense of awareness among parents, teachers, and the common man.

Every year, conferences are being conducted so that people can easily understand the problems of learning disabilities. They want to establish the fact that those affected with LD can exceed in the fields of academics, job, and community-based relationships. The association is trying hard to make the living of the children with this disability more fruitful from all aspects.