Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are a form of disability that makes a person unable to learn certain things. It is a psychological and neurological problem that can make a person suffer from reading disabilities, writing disability, reasoning disability and even speaking disability. There are many other types of disabilities apart from learning disabilities like cognitive disabilities, deafness, hearing disabilities, mental disabilities, physical disabilities and visual disabilities.

Learning disabilities vary from person to person. It is not necessary that if one of the person has problem in reading then he would also be a slow learner or also suffer from some mental disability as well. Yes, he might be a bit slow.

The reason is that your mind works slowly and takes time in understanding things. Your brain works in a different way and it doesn't means that you are dumb, but actually the working of your mind is different. These learning problems could be genetic too. If one of the parent suffers from learning problem then the chances of children having this problem will increase. Some children find it hard to learn and write alphabets and for some others learning numbers could be tough.

Some other person may have problem in learning language. In this way, there are different types of learning disorders. But, thankfully there are special schools with psychologists or learning specialists who can make such children learn things in a different way. This way will be more convenient for them to understand.

There is no reason that a child suffering from learning disability can not stand on a same platform like his other friends. You just need to do some hard work to learn the new ways correctly and make it quite easier for yourself to learn things. This problem is becoming very common and the number of children suffering from this problem are increasing. Almost, 3 million children from age group of 6 years to 21 years are suffering from learning disability.

One must be careful in not making fun of these children. One must motivate these children to move ahead in life with confidence.