Inconsistencies In Learning Disability Diagnosis

Many children are diagnosed with learning disabilities. It is found their ability to learn more than one subject is out of balance. The child, diagnosed with learning disability, cannot comprehend reading. There is a misconception about learning disabilities. The children with learning disabilities have different ways of learning. The society calls these things as inconsistencies.

You will not always like the authorities like teachers, political leaders, and religious leaders to control your mind. Creative mind is not used in schools fully. You will like to analyze your creative mind in a different way. You cannot use your creative mind fully unless you are in creative art.

Do not misjudge the child if he/she shows mild symptoms of learning. Do not put him to forcible diagnosis. This will torture his mental health. Many people do not feel well after therapy. Counselors can prove to be the best guides for such people. Go to a good counselor. You will not always find quality counselors.

Many counselors of today are imperfect. They have sold themselves to their controllers. This is the prime reason that intelligent people with learning disabilities prove to be different than normal. These people with learning disabilities generally find fault with the reading material.

Learning disabilities are caused due to communication breakdown. You need to check this problem by seeing the case history. America lays stress on the history. Some authorities have put a bad impact on some minds in America. The reason is these people ignore some of the rules of corrupted system.  

Research says children, with less stress, are less intelligent than children who have stress and who have been abused in life. Disturbed minds observe more than free minds. The reason is these people think on a particular level of experience. This thing is missing in normal mind. It is a big tragedy that mental health experts/authorities judge inconsistencies in learning disability cases in a wrong way.

Learned behaviors have more logic than mentally ill cases. Learned behaviors have confused many mental health experts over the years. The experts immediately call the person as ODD [oppositional defiant disorder] case. They call him ODD case in case they see oppositional traits in him. One has to thoroughly check these inconsistencies in the diagnosis of learning disability.