Foot Disability

Foot disability in an individual affects his overall daily activities. Podiatric problems in people suffering from  Ehlers- Danlos syndrome (EDS) can be very serious. Such type of individuals find it very hard to stand for a long time and their feet may get hurt very badly. This type of disability may become very irritable and the intensity of pain may also increase. It hampers the mobility of such individuals and they have to take the help of mobility aids for even short distances. It is therefore very important to find the solutions for such problems. Also, proper solutions of this problem have to be found out.

It is also necessary that assistive technology and adapted equipment be provided to such individuals. Such handicapped or disabled people should be properly cared for. Retardation in the form of foot disability can also arise in people with juvenile arthritis.

Juvenile arthritis can lead to joint impairment in the legs and foots. This type of disability is more pronounced in children than in adults. In fact, healthy children are also likely to suffer from this type of arthritis foot disability. Thus, it is very important to assess juvenile arthritis among children and adolescents and provide measures and therapies to cure it. Such type of physical disabilities or such handicapped children should be properly taken care of.