Disorders Causing Learning Problems

Your mind becomes enveloped with confused thoughts and emotions. This happens many times. You cannot think when mind is in trauma. ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] affects millions of children around the world. This is the disease of the mind.

The child with ADHD cannot concentrate. He becomes bore. He gets tired with work. He interrupts in class. He faces learning problems due to this disorder.

Children with ADHD lack concentration. They become careless. They spoil others’ property. They hurt the feelings of people around them. Some of them sometimes shows split personality also. An stranger would hardly believes these persons have any problem.

Psychopaths befool a person. They make the other person feel they are not aggressive. ADHD patients cannot stay in one place for a long time. You have to change the teaching tactics for person with ADHD because of his/her hyperactivity behaviors.

ADHD child can learn at a higher level than normal minds. The mind of ADHD child gives response to linguistics [language] at a different level. The reason is these people are hearing impaired. You will see hand and eye coordination in ADHD cases.

Mental health experts prescribe drugs to ADHD cases. The general drugs are Adderall and Ritalin. Adderall has been banned in Canada because of cases of death. Research is on the high to find a perfect solution. Research shows natural herbs are a better option for ADHD cases.

ADHD symptoms are similar to bipolar syndrome. The child with ADHD has chemical imbalance. Chemical imbalance creates symptoms of anger. Medical treatment can solve the problem of chemical imbalance.

At DSM-4 conference, writers found relation of ADHD with nervous system. This was correct. Further symptoms of ADHD were linked to political rulers. These people gave a different definition of this problem.

Central nervous system controls the receptor organs. These organs are a part of the brain. The brain transmits impulses. Optical nerves form peripheral part of the nervous system. Research has to tackle central nervous system first. This will find the complete cure for disorders that cause learning problems.