Disabilities Hinder Learning

Learning is a rather slow process. You try to understand this process through many years.  Many of you have gifted mind. Some of you struggle with words, science, maths, etc. Some of you do well in the maths, but fail in history. The person has to keep a vigil. He has to detect the learning disability.

A woman dropped in 3rd grade. She had children at an early age. The woman could not handle financial matters. She learned through observation. She learnt to manage more than her educational level .The experience became a vital tool for her. The woman was smart. She managed the money in a beautiful way. The woman never went back to her school. She had an edge over her husband. Her husband also dropped after 7th standard.

Everyone is different. Education is a wonderful thing. One drawback is that education lacks reality these days.

The parents need to control their children. The rights of parents are no less than the rights of a leader. Unfortunately, the parents do not believe this. You cannot learn in a corrupt system. The corrupt system wants you to behave as per a certain code.

Everyone makes a complaint about the system. Many people complain. But, they do not do anything about the system. This is a big problem. You need to have consistency and knowledge to make things happen. Nothing works by mere talks.

A child wants to become astronaut, but he changes his plan as he grows up. Series of failure and corrupt system changes his ambition.

You set outrageous goals when you grow up. Your mind responds to your goal. Your mind wants you to do what is right. Do not set large goals initially in case you have ADHD. The answers lie within you. If you go over the problems, you can see clear answers.

Teachers cannot help others on a particular level of understanding. I myself had problem with instructor. Nothing that he said made any sense. In the end, I realized the instructor himself was in a problem.

With experience, I got revelation. I encouraged other people with learning disability. I told them to check all possibilities. I told them they might not be in a problem. Do not declare yourself a failure. It becomes sometimes important to consult mental health expert.

Grasp deeper meaning in case you have ADD. Avoid corrupted therapy. The doctors will prescribe pill. Follow what you think is right. Disabilities that hinder learning will go one day, rest assured!