Clearing Some Myths Related To Downs Syndrome

Much has been said and written about Down's Syndrome. However, myths and fallacies surrounding it are still abound. Just to clear some of them:

A) A very few percentage of cases are inherited. Let us say just about 3-5 %. The rest arises at the time of conception itself when there might be a problem in arrangement of chromosomes.

B) Drug or alcohol used prior to conception does not increase the risk of having a child with Down's Syndrome.

C) Women with Down's Syndrome do have the ability to become pregnant. However, males with this disorder are usually sterile. Although, two cases have been seen where they have fathered children.

D) Fluoride, if given in the proper amount is not toxic to children with Down's Syndrome. And yes, it has been conclusively proven that ingestion of fluoride does not increase the risk of having a baby with Down's Syndrome.

There are a lot many other myths surrounding the disease as they do any other disease. But, what I think necessary is that these myths be cleared at the earliest so that people having kids with Down's Syndrome can bring them up in a proper, knowledgeable manner.