Are Depression And Anxiety Considered Disability

A prime concern in most of the social security disabilities is to know the criteria of disability. Whether people suffering from depression and anxiety are considered disable and whether such people are entitled to get disability protection benefits, are some key concerns. Thus, the question arises, is depression and anxiety considered a disability? It is hard to answer the question though the suggested answer can be 'yes'.

While considering this question, you have to consider the other types of medical problems that may arise out of it. In fact, out of depression and anxiety, people may suffer from such emotional trauma that they may be unable to work any more, at least for a short period. Though physical disabilities are rare in such condition, long term stress can make people victim to the extent of disability. Some other medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease and alike can aggravate one's depression and anxiety.

Thus the question, is depression and anxiety considered a disability, is very tricky to answer. If depression can not make a person disabled then on what ground would you claim disability insurance. In providing benefits to people suffering from depression, authorities watch limitations of people and their activities. So, it is necessary that your physician mentions the specific limitations to claim social security disability benefits under Disabilities Act and Disability Law. Thus, such type of mental disabilities would not be considered if one does not show one's work limitations.