9/11...The Terrible Tuesday Leaves Bleeding Souls Behind

9/11…the terrible Tuesday in the history of America and the world celebrates its fifth anniversary today. But the big question stands unanswered till date…Till date around 450 billion dollars have been spent on the war against terrorism which is more than four times of what has been paid for the rehabilitation and the compensation to the victims.

The mass destruction of humanity on 9/11 raised hue and cry in all corners of the world. America is still in the trauma. But, who are in the real trauma is the big question? Is it Mr. George Bush, the president who is crying aloud in all the world forums or meetings about the attack? Or there are some others who have embedded the pain in some deep corners of their heart which nobody can see or hear? Let’s try and find out a definite answer here.

Who are suffering in pain?
Rescue and recovery efforts took months to complete and the clean-up was not completed till May, 2002. Many relief funds were immediately set up to assist victims and to provide financial support to the survivors. But, what in the later course of life of those who survived and still have the nightmare of the event disturbing them in mid of the night!

They are no longer normal people, like you and me. They are passing the toughest times of their life not knowing how to survive or relieve those on who they are now dependent. Those who died have died and may God rest them in the heaven but there are survivors burning in the hell in this world. The disabled survivors who have to depend on others for basic requirements are weeping deep inside, some of whose tears they themselves cannot wipe because they are now without hands.

The world was with them providing support, money and all but for how long? We all step in our normal life even if we lose our dearest ones, the disabled survivors were members of universal common brotherhood and the world has forgotten them slowly in normal pace.

The promised compensation was whether enough for all or not, has never been surveyed. The expenses should take into consideration the kind of disability and the cost of living that includes medicines, check up and establishing sources of income for survival.

Role of the government and measures applied
Pearl harbor attack led America to participate in the World War II and the Hiroshima Nagasaki bombing was their revenge. Hardly one month had passed after the attacks of 9/11, the United States led a coalition of international forces to attack Afghanistan in pursuit of al-Qaeda forces harboring under the Taliban Government. The next target on the line was Iraq. The justification of these wars revolved around the 9/11 attacks. America, the supreme power after 1991 was dared to attack and how could they sit hand in hands? It was the issue of global power and position.

The American government was more keen on War than providing solace to the survivors. They are ready to float hundreds of billions of dollars to take revenge but few billions for the people who need their prime support were somewhere in the oblivion.

Expenses in the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq
A report published and submitted by the Washington-based Defense and Foreign Affairs (D and FA), mentions that these two wars against Afghanistan and Iraq have adversely affected the U.S. budget.

“Congress has passed around nine supplemental bills providing 420 billion dollars for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Bush administration.” the D and FA Mr. Senator John McCain has claimed.

In the middle of June this year 2006, Bush had signed a bill that included 66 billion dollars for carrying military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The war was fought in the name of injustice done to the Americans who died and those who survived and are still suffering. Now, how justified is the reason is for you to decide!

The expenses met for the survivors
“The compensation paid to the victims of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania was a chaos in the payments,” said Lloyd Dixon, who is a RAND senior economist. “The system has raised questions on equity and fairness that have no convincing answers.” Dixon and Rachel Kaganoff Stern tried their toil, interviewed and gathered evidence from many sources they could, to estimate the amount of compensation paid out by the insurance companies, government agencies and charities following the attacks. Their findings include:

1. Insurance companies made at least $19.6 billion in payments.
2. Government payments totaled nearly to $15.8 billion including payments from local, state and federal governments, plus payments from the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund of 2001.
3. Payments by charitable groups were estimated to be close to $2.7 billion.
4. Civilians killed or seriously injured in the attack received a total of $8.7 billion.
5. Almost $3.5 billion was paid to displaced residents, workers who lost their jobs, or others who suffered this emotional trauma or were exposed to different hazards.

Now, the fact lies bare in front of all that the total expenses met for the victims do not even total to $100 billions but the expenses for war is near about $450 billion.

Are the American victims happy with the war?
The most argued question arises that what has the government done for the disabled besides taking revenge for their cause of the tragedy? Will they be happy seeing the same face of the people in Iraq or Afghanistan speaking of the grief they are experiencing? Or the solace lies in helping them (victims of 9/11) by providing sources of survival. Does a blind man pray God to make the whole world blind? No, instead he urges him not to send any more blind to this world. The disabled survivors of the 9/11 would never be happy to see others of their kind in these (Iraq and Afghanistan) countries where the allied forces are hunting down Osama or Nasrallah, at the price of disturbing the peaceful life of the innocent people.

Think for a moment, has ever Mr. Bush went to greet ‘Merry Christmas’ to these victims of 9/11? Are the kins tired of serving their disabled father, brother, sister or uncle? Imagine the turmoil that they feel when they have to give the most helpless look to somebody for helping them in moving or bringing them food or other things. They may feel themselves to be parasites, who are dependent on others for survival.

The government of America which goes to establish “Democracy” in other countries failed to look after its own people. Who knows what fate has chosen for one? The attacks on 9/11 may be an issue for the government for regaining the respect of being the supreme power, but no political policies have been permanent. The world one day may forget 9/11, but those who have literally suffered in the incident would every night close their eyes to remember the nightmare of their life. Will they ever be able to forget their disabilities and incompetence among others?

What can we do?
Well, we can do nothing with $1000 donation to give back their lost smiles. We cannot bring back their lost happiness, but together if we want to, we can make them realize that they are not a burden but a motivation for all of us to fight the many hurdles of life and they are our inspiration for universal brotherhood and love which the so called “Great Minds” like Mr. Bush or Tony Blair will never know or understand.