VA Disability Benefits- They Are Many

The VA program is one of the many compensation programs through which you can get your disability claim. If a veteran becomes disabled because of any disease or injury aggravated during military service then he is eligible to enjoy certain monthly disability benefits. You can apply for VA disability compensation at any time as there is no time limit to apply for it.

Your claim for compensation would be established if you would provide sufficient evidence showing your disease or injury getting worse during service and that you are currently suffering from the same difficulty. The compensation amount depends upon the severity of the medical problem. More the severity, more will be the amount paid to you. Severity may range from 10 to 100 % disability. The rate of compensation may change with the change in illness severity.

It has been seen that VA claim process is a little confusing and frustrating. Therefore, it is advisable to contact your local veteran counselor for professional assistance and representation. Various supporting documents should be submitted with the application to the local representative. These are:

Service medical records- The applicants should have their service medical records with them to submit the document to the representative.
Additional medical records- Other supplement medical records are required to support any or all treatments given by the private doctors or hospitals.
Dependency documents- Dependency documents like originals of birth and marriage certificates and copies of death/ divorce record should also be submitted.
Military discharge or DD form- Applicants having a copy of their DD forms are encouraged for speedy processing.

Those veterans who are permanently disabled and have low income may be qualified for a no-service connected disability pension. This would only happen if they served for 90 days duty with one day during a period of war. The Va approved pension program's compensation would depend upon the veteran's dependents or other income sources including other retirement or social security income as well.

There are various benefits you can enjoy under VA compensation programs. Some of them are as follows:

- Providing clothing and medical care.
- Providing Rehabilitative aids
- Medical protection for the survivors and the dependents
- Vocational rehabilitation
- Various burial benefits
- Educational assistance would be given to the dependents.
- Employment preference in the federal government
- Benefits related to local and state government

One thing should be kept in mind that VA compensation in not payable while serving full time on active duty. If your disabilities connected to the service come out to be 30 % or more then you are permitted to supplement allowances for your dependents. An additional benefit called individual un-employability exists when disability connected with service makes the veteran unemployable. So, a veteran can avail many benefits under the VA compensation program!