Understand The health benefits and rights

I recently came across a hard drug-addict who is paid by the Government of his country a monthly social security benefit of $1000 per month. He looks normal, when he is not under the influence of intoxication.

His Government has classified him under the category, “incurable drug-addict!”
“What do you do with this money?” I asked him.
Pat came the reply, “Buy my day's quota of the drug doses first! And if something remains, buy eats.”
He was a socially disabled individual according to his Government.

Now unfortunately, it has become a practice. You aren't actually disabled and yet you try to get the benefit of disability by obliging the government.

Disability health doesn't mean that you are a condemned individual. Even with disability you can perform some sort of jobs and enjoy your disability benefits. In some cases, you can't see with the naked eyes all sorts of disabilities. A perfectly healthy individual may have a psychological problem to such an extent that for all types of his day to day functions, he may have to depend upon others.

Similarly you can't see the disability in persons suffering from depression or migraines.

As stated above, even if you are covered under Social Security Benefits, you are allowed to work and receive the benefits, subjected to certain conditions. If you are aware of the correct position about this, you may not land in legal complications. Otherwise, enjoy the benefits that you deserve.

The pre-tax limit for the year 2006 for disabled people is $ 860. This is subject to the condition that after a period of 9 months, your performance will be evaluated. If the Social Security Inspectors declare you a fit individual, your benefits under the Scheme are stopped. However, they may grant you an extended period of disability.

When you are past the middle age, say 35-40 years, it is desirable to give a proper thought to buy a disability insurance policy. Do not be under the false protective frame of mind that you have life insurance with accident benefits and you are covered under the Workmen Compensation Act.

The purpose of disability insurance is altogether different. Sometimes the expenses devolved in disability and loss of your pay and allowances for say a duration of one year, may wipe out your entire savings of  lifetime.

Give proper consideration to all disability health related issues, before you buy a policy. It need not, necessarily be cheap policy. It needs to be a just policy, suitable for you. And you will have lots of peace of mind.