Restaurant Must Have Ample Facilities For Disabled And Kids!

In 1990, the American Disability Act was passed with the intention to diminish the discrimination against the disabled persons. The act not only facilitated to assist the disabled persons with financial aid but also promised to make their living as normal as that of the others.

Under the disability codes, all the private employers, employment agencies, any state or local form of governments, labor unions or others have been prohibited from discriminating against any qualified disabled individual in areas of hiring, job training, compensation or in any privileges meted out to the other employees. By this code, all public services meant for communication, amusement, refreshment must facilitate their premises for disabled people alike.

Observing the prescribed codes, the restaurants have gone a step further. They made provisions not only for the elderly disabled persons, but also for the kids who are disabled in some way or the other. Now, you will find any big restaurant facilities for disabled and kids with some kind of disability.

Under this program, the restaurants provide all kinds of facilities to disabled people and kids with disabilities to ensure their safety and comfort. From main door entry with wheel chair lifts, walking rods, to sitting tables have facilities for them. Let’s have a look at some of the restaurant facilities for disabled and kids-

Tables and Chairs- They keep separate tables only meant for the disabled and the kids with disability. The chairs adjoining the tables are so made that they may have no difficulty in sitting.

Special Zones- Some restaurants have special gaming zones or entertainment zones for the kids.

Toilet facilities- The washrooms of the restaurants must have all disability aids meant for the disabled persons that they must not find any difficulty in the washrooms. Even the toilets should have specialized equipment for them.

Mobility- The disabled persons cannot move like normal people in small spaces, they need some more extra space. So, a restaurant must have all the extra and ample space for them.