Requirements For Military Disability Benefits

Military personnel who incur injuries or disease while on active duty, or existing injuries or disease that are worsened by active military service qualify for military disability benefits. The policies for military disability determination differ among the Army, Navy and the Air Force.

With the aim to maintain a fit military force, laws were enacted relating to the separation or retirement of disabled military personnel. These laws provide benefits for those whose service has been cut short due to service-related physical disability, incurred in the line of duty.

To receive these benefits, a person needs to fulfill the military disability requirement. The person should have been rendered unfit to perform duties of his/her office, grade or rank, due to disability. The disability should not have resulted due to the person’s willful neglect or intentional misconduct. The disability should not have been contracted during the period of unauthorized absence from the duty.

It is also possible to grant retirement to disabled personnel who have become unfit to perform their duties. In such a case, the military disability requirement demands that the disability should have been incurred while the person was entitled to receive basic pay.

As per another military disability requirement, the disabled personnel must have served for at least 20 years in the military service. He/she should also have a disability rating of 30 % or more to become eligible for the compensation.

Some of the benefits made available to the disabled military personnel include veteran disability compensation, paid in cases of severe disability, and/or if the disabled individual has dependent parents, children or a seriously disabled spouse. This program provides monthly sums to the disabled person.

The combat-related special compensation includes disabilities incurred due to armed conflict, hazardous duty and alike. There is also a pension scheme for veterans with permanent disability and low income.

The military personnel sacrifice lives of comfort and easeful living to safeguard their country. It is due to their service that their fellow countrymen are able to sleep in peace. To measure up to the effort put in by these individuals, is a small way of expressing gratitude for the services they render.

The military disability benefit schemes are one such attempt in the direction of military welfare reforms. These schemes make an earnest effort to address the concerns of disabled military personnel and provide them assistance so that they can lead better, improved and independent lives.