Reaching Out To Fight Disability

Under the federal Social Security Disability Act, disability is defined as the inability to perform any substantially productive activity, by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment. Such impairment must continue for at least one year or lead to the death of the disabled individual.

Disability may be either partial or complete and either temporary or permanent. Disability insurance seeks to provide coverage for short-term, long-term and permanent disabilities.

Any disabled person in Georgia, U.S.A., who is unable to perform work or functions that he/she has performed prior to the injury or accident is eligible to receive disability compensation. This includes social security disability insurance, worker’s compensation and retirement benefits to supplement the disabled person’s income.

Disability laws in this state deal with social security, Americans with Disability Act, worker’s compensation, disability benefits and/or temporary disability.

Bar Groups in Georgia can help prospective clients find legal representation for their case through a lawyer locater program.

The disability lawyers provide assistance in various kinds of disability cases– those relating to disability claim, compensation, discrimination and similar conditions. In cases where the government and employment agencies fail to take appropriate steps in the interest of persons with disabilities, the disability attorneys Georgia can offer much-needed help and guidance.

These disability attorneys Georgia file claims in the court of law and if the situation demands, sue the government to ensure that proper, unrestricted access to all services is provided for all disabled persons. Disability lawsuits can compel private employers to comply with requirements under the Americans with Disability Act.

The expertise of these qualified members of the legal fraternity of Georgia bring justice within the reach of a common man. With their earnest endeavours, they try and ensure that no disability whatsoever should be a stumbling block in the quest for a life of betterment and fulfillment.