Maryland Disability Law Center Works For Equality for the Disabled

Maryland Disability Law Center (MDLC) is a non-profit legal services firm based in the State of Maryland. It has been charged with the responsibility of dealing with the civil rights of people with disabilities. It aims to create a more just society by ensuring that people suffering from disabilities are not discriminated against in any way whatsoever.

Type of Disabled People Represented by MDLC
MDLC represents individuals suffering from disabilities and residing in the state of Maryland. Further, individuals with the following type of disabilities are represented by MDLC:

* Developmental disabilities
* Learning disabilities
* Physical disabilities
* Psychiatric disabilities
* Traumatic brain injuries

Apart from them, the institution also represents disabled individuals who:
* are homeless
* live in the community
* live in institutions

MDLC's Statement of Priorities
MDLC's objective is to realize a world in which people with disabilities are given a fair opportunity to be a part of mainstream society. Such an objective is fully expressed in MDLC's statement of priorities, which contains the following sub-heads:

* Adult Mental Health
* Access to Community-based Services for People in Nursing Facilities
* Access to Community-based Services for People with Traumatic Brain Injury
* Advocacy on Behalf of Beneficiaries of Social Security
* Children's Mental Health
* Developmental Disabilities
* Education
* Medicaid
* Protection of civil Rights Public Programs
* Public Policy
* Voting Rights

With this broad vision in perspective, MDLC and its representatives set out to achieve the following objectives:

* Providing them access to education, health care, housing, and transportation.
* Ensuring that no abuse and neglect comes their way.
* Freedom from the prospect of unnecessary or forced institutionalization.
* Increasing public awareness about people with disabilities and issues that matter to them.
* Providing legal information and technical assistance to promote self-advocacy.

How To Access MDLC's Help in Legal Matters
Residents of the state of Maryland can request legal representation through either of the two departments of MDLC: General Intake Department and Special Education Intake Department. The General Intake Department can be contacted any time between 10.00 A.M.-12.00 P.M. from Monday to Friday. The Special Education Intake Department can be contacted any time between 10.00 A.M.-12.00 P.M., from Monday to Thursday.

How to Contact Maryland Law Disability Center and Its Representatives
MDLC and its representatives can be contacted through either telephone or by mail. Their toll free number is 1-800-233-7201 while their phone number is 410-727-6352. Individuals need to dial 0 to reach the designated destination. To request MDLC for legal representation individuals can mail their requests to their Baltimore office at the following address- Maryland Disability Law Center; 1800 N. Charles Street; Suite 400; Baltimore, MD 21201.