Integrating Disabled Americans Into The Workforce And Society

Disability conditions result in the inability of a human being to perform physical and mental activities in a normal way.

A disability condition is defined as a restrictive physical or mental condition of the human body. Human disabilities take place throughout the world. America is a country that has taken an enlightened approach towards disability. The term disability in America includes a large number of conditions of both physical and mental nature that may be acquired genetically or on account of an event after birth such as accident, trauma, illness or abuse.

Disability mainly implies impairment. It can be both physical and mental. From the medical point of view, it can be physical, sensory or cognitive limitations. However, there is another type as well, which is the inability to come to terms with the surroundings.

There are a large number of Americans that suffer from various forms of disability. In America, both common conditions and conditions that are rare in nature are recognized as disabilities. Irrespective of the types of the disability, the attendant implications are always the same.

Disabled people nowadays are euphemistically termed as differently able people. It basically refers to the fact that certain faculties of the disabled are stronger to compensate for shortcomings of other physical or mental faculties.

However, the fact of the matter is that in reality, the disabled population is a liability to the society and government, as the disabled are not a part of the productive workforce.

The society also has always been biased and shown discrimination towards the disabled. Most companies show reluctance to hire impaired individuals for the fear that it may bring down overall productivity.

This actually causes harm to the greater American interest, as work force in the country is always limited. It only aggravates the situation when a sizeable portion of the existing work force is sidelined. The disabled need to be integrated into the workforce and their strengths need to be harnessed and not ignored.

The government has taken many steps to ameliorate the condition of the disabled population in America. However, due to a number of reasons, the desired result has not been achieved. There is a limitation to the initiatives taken by the government. The people of the society also have to take part in the process actively if the situation is to be improved.