How To Fight Against Discrimination With The Disabled?

First think about what is it that you want to get done about the issue you have been discriminated against. Whatever you want, it is always advisable to first sort out the matter with the person or organization that has discriminated against you. It is possible that you may need more advice about what to say.

The government has set up Disability Rights Commission to promote equal opportunities for disabled people like you and to ensure that disabled people are treated fairly. You can get legal advice and support, and a conciliation service from there to deal with disputes about discrimination. These may be,
A) Your trade union, if you belong to one (if it is about a job)
B) Your local law center
C) Citizens Advice Bureau
D) A solicitor or adviser displaying the Community Legal Service logo

Likewise, you will find a lot of rules and regulations set up by the government to help you out. But, again I will say how to fight against discrimination will solely depend on the nature of the case of discrimination.