Handicapped Parking Lots Are For Special Needs!

The Disability Associations and other Disability codes have made it mandatory for all premises, be it society buildings or any other public apartments, hotels, colleges, theaters, malls, and multiplexes to make provisions for handicapped parking lots.

What does handicapped parking mean?
The handicapped parking means to provide extra space in the premise of the buildings for the disabled persons to park their cars or vehicles. The facility must be strictly adhered to or else they may be charged with violating the codes of conduct of the country. It’s mandatory and no public utilities can be spared from it.

The parking lots for the disabled are not only confined to these areas only but even the traffic permitted areas must have special spaces for the disabled people. At times, you will notice that only handicapped parking is available in some areas and no general parking exists. That is a special privilege for them.

Why they need extra slots?
Since the handicap person may need more space than the normal people to get down from their vehicle or they may have difficulty in driving very narrow lanes down the parking slots, it becomes necessary to provide them with specious slots. Taking into consideration all these difficulties, the disability laws made it mandatory for all parking places of everyday use to follow the codes of disability law and provide the facilities.

By providing all these facilities, they are given an opportunity of independent living without the help of anybody. They can easily get down from the vehicle, park them well and drive them safe. It increases their self esteem as they don't want to be dependent on others. Even a wheel-chaired person can easily get down from the vehicle and move forward for his destination.

Can others park in the areas of handicapped parking lots?
Strictly no! These are meant for them only and if you ever park your vehicle at those places and get caught, the authorities will not let you go without giving you a treat of penalty.