Discrimination Prevailing In The Job Market For Disabled!

As per the results of latest RNID survey only 63% of deaf and hard of hearing people of working age are employed, compared to 75% of the national work force.That is, thousands of deaf and hard of hearing people are still facing serious barriers to employment. Reportedly, 55% of respondents feel isolated at work because of their deafness and 24% find it difficult to communicate with their colleagues.

The vast majority (75%) feet that the situation would be improved if their employer had provided deaf awareness training to their staff. But two fifths (43%) of their employers did not provide any training. So, now you can imagine how discrimination has taken root in job market and is damaging the lives of disabled. To combat discrimination and create more accessible workplaces RNID is urging employers. And I believe, to great extent it will be successful in weeding out this discrimination in the job market.