Disabled Health Problem

A disabled or handicapped person suffers from different types of health problems. Such disabled persons have to face different types of consequences and unpleasant situations in life. In cases of emergency, disabled people also contemplate taking their own lives or sometimes the lives of others. Disabled health problem does not only arise in people suffering from physical disabilities. Health problem among disabled also props up in students who go through the situation of personal difficulty and stress in their student career. Examinations, deadlines and worries affect the performance of the students. So, it is the duty of the universities and colleges to take care of such students. The tutorial service provided by the universities is of great help.

Handicap people suffering from disabled health problem have to take control of their lives before it gets out of hand. Such people also control their physical rehabilitation and assistance. Societies are generally very kind to disabled people. But, instead of focussing on the needs and limitations of the disabled people, society takes its own views of what is required to be done for the disabled people and throws them upon the disabled people. Traditionally, society has been unable to understand the needs and abilities of handicapped people and has failed to accommodate them accordingly.

In situations like wars or floods, there should be appropriate services available for the disabled people. For systematic removal of cultural and environmental barriers of handicapped people, anti-discrimination laws have to be passed. There should also be provision for appropriate technical aids, interpreters for deaf people and alike.