Disability Discrimination Act Is A Good Tool To Combat The Discrimination!

The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 which is also popularly known as DDA was passed to end all the discriminations which the disabled persons may face in their daily life. A disabled person may feel his life to be filled with curses since he cannot act like normal people. Moreover, if he finds difficulty in other sectors too, he feels really disheartened thinking that no body cares for him/her.

The Disability Discrimination Act was passed to protect the rights of the disabled persons in various areas of life including accessing or using of facilities in banks, cafes, shops, theaters, markets and other public places. The act also looks into the matter that they receive their due rights in education, health, and employments.

The act DDA of 1995 makes provisions for the disabled in the areas like -

Transport Vehicles- The operators of transport are required to make special provisions for them and if not done, it is termed as discrimination.

Property Rights- They have been granted some special property rights to make it easier for disabled people to rent properties as their source of income. And, if they want to take a property on rent then land lords must make special provisions for the tenants.

Equality in Private Clubs- The clubs cannot restrict the entry of a disabled person on the basis of his disability. If any club has the provisions for 25-30 members, they must make space for disabled persons too.

Extra Health Protection- If a person is disabled and at the same time is suffering from any kind of disease like HIV or multiple sclerosis or cancer they must be given extra protection from health departments.

Public sector- The law also ensures that they would share equal opportunities in all the public sectors with equal opportunities to work, based on their capabilities of talent.
Private Sector: Even the private sectors are made under the compulsion for providing extra facilities for the disabled persons under the Disability Discrimination Act.