Disability Benefits For Veterans

The Veteran Administration VA is responsible for providing disability benefits, compensation, employment opportunities and vocational rehabilitation opportunities to the war veterans and their families. About 70 million people in the US are eligible for VA benefits as they represent veterans, family members or survivors of veterans.

There are basically two situations under which a war veteran may avail disability. The first type of disability is related to cases where a war veteran may have been killed or disabled in action. These cases are related to the war veteran’s service tenure. In this case, the surviving family of the veteran is eligible for compensation and other benefits.

In the second situation, disability benefits may be applicable when the veteran suffers from disabilities on account of aging, illness or other reason that did not take place during the veteran’s service tenure. In the case the veteran is eligible for disability benefits that have arisen due to reasons other than those caused by injury or illness, while in action.

Veterans can file disability applications online and have to mention the type of disability that they are suffering from. The amount of compensation will depend on the extent and severity of the disability. If the VA determines that the disability extent is more than 30% then the dependants in the veteran’s family are entitled to compensation.

Disability benefits by the VA are different from the severance pay that a veteran gets when working in the military. Severance pay is a one-time lump sum payment that the veteran gets as compensation for disability acquired when in action.

In case a veteran receives severance pay for a disability, the veteran has to waive off further compensation related to that particular disability.  However the veteran remains eligible for disability benefits that may arise later due to disabilities acquired on account of illness or old age.