Disability Awareness Month

We are one nation and we stand united in support of our fellow brethren. We take the pledge to help each other under all circumstances. As responsible citizens of a great nation, we have a number of duties to perform. One of these duties is towards the disabled.

We should ensure that the disabled are neither patronized nor discriminated against in any way. We should learn to respect the rights of the disabled without treating them as children or invalids. It is a very difficult thing to do to respect the lives of the disabled, their rights and not be condescending in our approach or attitude towards them. That is what we need to learn to do.

Associations such as the  Gavilan's Disability Resource Center, Social Security Administration, San Andreas Regional Center, Department of Rehabilitation and the  South County Mental Health and others have decided to celebrate the month of October as the disability awareness month.

It is a step to make sure that all of us are aware of the rights of the disabled and to help them. The disabled are susceptible to violent crimes such as sexual assault, robbery and mugging and fall easy prey to cheating and frauds. It is a sad day for us when we have to face the fact that 70% of disabled women are sexually assaulted at some point of their lives.

It is with the intention of increasing the awareness of rights for the disabled that these organizations have come together to celebrate the disability awareness month in October, every year.

Let us hope that we are able to inculcate the right attitude towards our disabled citizens, respect their rights and privacy and try to integrate them into the mainstream of society. The disabled have rights that we need to recognize and respect.