Disability Advocacy Agencies

Disability advocacy agencies help a disabled person as well as a student get aids and scholarships for the education and rehabilitation purposes. Though there are  numerous grants, aids and scholarships for handicapped person; getting those scholarships would not be an easy task. People with different types of physical disabilities like cerebral palsy, deafness, cognitive disabilities, and alike are entitled to receive grants and aids so that they may live the life of a normal person.

But, without the help of disability advocacy agencies, it is very hard for a disabled person to get his disability rights. Though, the disability law states that every disabled person is entitled to get disability grants, aids do not always fall in the hands of the disabled person. It is only with the help of disability advocacy agencies that grants can be dispersed to their rightful owners. All these agencies provide all the information necessary and referral so that a disabled person takes the full advantage of the direct services provided by a disability advocacy agency.

An advocacy agency understands the abilities of the people with disabilities and reacts quickly to any issues concerned with people with disabilities. These agencies also provide technical assistance and help in spreading awareness and sensitivity of the issues related to disabled person. These agencies also advocate and help people in need. As in the case of hurricane Katrina victims in the USA, different disability advocacy agencies helped in the rehabilitation process of the affected and displaced people.