Criminal Justice System Is Linked To Learning Disabilities

Influences play an important role in learning. Influences can lead you to disorders. In this article, I will tell you influences bring mental interruptions.

Criminal justice has a history. Criminal justice system is linked to learning disabilities.
From the beginning, man was given freedom to choose right or wrong. False religion and criminal justice began from the time first man sinned. Criminal justice has a history. The first man, who sinned against his brother, was Cain. But, people believed Cain as mentally deranged person.

With time, criminal justice came. Religion played an important role in criminal justice. This was started by earlier Christians. People were crucified. With time, a definite law was made. The law gave justice. It prevented horrible beheading and crucification. There was a definite plan.

The information in above para is linked to learning disabilities. It is because this hatred passed the generation for centuries. The children read these heinous crimes in school textbooks. These things entered their thought process. They developed learning disabilities.

The leaders promote war. Children pick these things easily. The mind of the child is conscious. It goes to the particular area of interest. A child picks the negative things easily in absence of a guide.

Learning is a constant pattern. Learning is affected by examples. Techniques in teaching strategies will give better results. It is very important the techniques should provide illustrations. Observation is important in the learning process of children. This is important. Jesus illustrated the meaning centuries before.

You need to tell children to avoid violence. You need to give effective illustrations to children with learning disabilities. Children with ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] struggle with the subject of history. The minds of these people are sharper than the normal. Special education has become a problem for learning disabilities.

The crux of the matter is lust for money and power creates crunch in educational system. The system has become corrupt. It cannot judge what is right or wrong. True criminal justice is the only solution. It will reduce learning disabilities.