Which Disability Devises Can Be Best?

There are a host of different kinds of disability devises available these days. They are meant not only for the disabled but also for the aged and safety conscience people. It's also recommendable to have some of these disability devises in the house when there are children or a pregnant lady around. These disability devises could be bath shower and toilet aids, devises for bedroom safety and comfort, grooming and dressing aids, drinking and eating aids, kitchen and food preparation aids, low vision aids, walkers, canes and other accessories, wheelchair accessories, devises for assisting in writing, using computers, recreation and workouts, devises for general utility at home and while driving and more.

These devises are very ordinary and everyday household gadgets and utilities that have been designed innovatively to assist and work for the people with disability. Special jar and bottle openers that work on electricity or manual versions can take the pressure off twisting the caps while opening or closing jars and bottles. For people with gripping difficulties, cutting boards with suction cups provide stability and free hands for application of more force to cut fruits and vegetables. Large grips can also be purchased separately to be attached with utensils and knives, peelers, ladles and other kitchen gadgets.

For cutting with scissors, there are special spring loaded scissors that ease the pressure on fingers and the hand while cutting. Other household gadgets are also available in spring loaded versions. For the elderly with vision weakness, there are reading magnifying lenses available. Several kinds of cups and mugs with either special handles or slimmer base to suit people with holding or gripping problems are available. A drinking glass with a cut out for the user's nose allows one to drink without having to bend one's neck. A circular food guard around a plate can help food from spilling and helps keep food on the plate when used by a person with disabilities.

Bath/shower aids come in the form of grab bars or shower bars and are meant to avoid slipping and assist while getting into or out of bathtubs. Then, there are bath and shower folding benches with provision for hand hold slots and with non-skid surface. These are made out of high-density polyethylene plastic and are lightweight for handling with ease and are not only economical but also sturdy and can be carried conveniently while traveling.

For greater convenience one could go for a bath or shower chair which are of different kinds and often come in conventional types and foldable versions. They are meant for conventional and for special use such as a chair with a cut-out seat is meant for personal hygiene with easy access. Other such disability devises include bath transfer benches, rolling transport chairs, bathtub safety handles, hand-held mirrors, hand-held shower sprays, shampoo aides, long handled hair wash brushes, scrub brushes, sponge bath kits, raised toilet seats with optional arms or molded-in arms, spill proof urinals, toilet paper aids, transfer discs, transfer belts, etc.

One could sit up with comfort in a bed using lightweight wedges instead of lumpy stacked pillows. They are made with polystyrene beads filling and maintain their shape and position. Their material covering breathes and doesn't retain heat. These wedges therefore provide less neck and back fatigue while talking to visitors, reading, writing, watching TV, etc. There are many other kinds of disability bed aids that assist in getting in and out of bed or just sit up or get transferred.

Which disability devises are right for you? The answer to this can be best given the physical therapist or the doctor and is also a matter of personal choice and the opinions of other close members of the family around.