Trusts Help To Rehabilitate Disabled Veterans

They fought bravely for the nation and faced all sorts of combat situations with little regard for their own lives. Fighting wars in unknown countries and against a faceless enemy, war veterans were always prepared to lay down their lives if required.

It is the duty and responsibility of the state to look after the veterans, especially the ones that became disabled when carrying out their duties. War veterans can also become disabled due to problems related to old age. At such times, they have no place to turn to for financial assistance. The state steps in to help them with medical expenses, financial assistance, housing or any other need.

The laws for the disabled veterans are very flexible and no effort is spared to ensure that war vets lead a life of dignity. There are a number of facilities such as retirement plans and insurance schemes that are especially created to make sure that they can lead such a life and are well looked after.

Though the government takes the responsibilities for social security benefits and other retirement benefits, yet one watchdog association that does a lot for the Disabled veterans is the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust.

This trust was formulated to support veterans in rehabilitation programs and look after their physical as well as psychological rehabilitation. The trust provides shelter and aid to homeless disabled veterans and carries out activities for the blind persons as well. The trust organizes donation programs and funds itself by accepting gifts and donations from various sources. It carries out campaigns such as the United Way and  Combined Federal Campaign for accumulating facilities for the disabled persons and providing them with a roof over their head.

This is the least we can do to as we are indebted to the war veterans who have helped their country in times of need and helped to fight wars and terrorist threats outside the country. We should give a helping hand to such trusts and help the trusts in the noble cause that they have undertaken.