Supplementary Services For Children With Disabilities

In this world where living has become so much tough even for normal people , it is virtually impossible for a disabled child to survive in this cruel world. Realizing this situation the federal government of America has come up with a type  of programme for the disabled -  Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments for children with disabilities.

To avail your child of this opportunity  your disabled child must meet the defined criteria  i.e. The child should not work anywhere ; his disability should be a severe one which limit his normal activities. The disability should be of at least 12 months. You  may also be required to submit a medical proof for the disability of your child , also the administration might ask to go for a therapist or any other professional to seek proof of the disability.

After this there will be further evaluation of the papers you submitted and also some inquiry from the school authorities and the doctor . Then the child is called for a medical test. The expenses of the test are paid by the administration only. Usually it takes around 3 to 4 months for the administration to make  a decision , but in some special cases some exceptions are made like if the patient is a case of HIV , blindness or deafness , cerebral palsy , muscular dystrophy, or underweight child. If any of the above mentioned diseases trouble the patient then he gets the benefits immediately otherwise it takes  a little bit of time.

Wait the story does not end here , once the child starts receiving money there is periodical evaluation of whether the child still persist that condition or not. Generally for children below the age of 18 years , after every 3 years review is done , also during the review you are required to submit proof that  medications or treatment to cure the disabled child is still going on.