Special Toys For The Disabled Child

Children love toys and it is also the same case for a disabled child also . The market has also realized this situation and utilized the situation and now the market is flooded with toys that even suit the disabled child. In this article we will specifically discuss the various kinds of toys specially designed for disabled child  that are popular in the market nowadays.

The first  special toys for the disabled child we are  going to discuss is the tunnel . The special thing about this toy is that it also builds the abdominal  muscles and render strength to  trunk and other parts of the body. For creativity purpose you can also stuff into some soft toys , a microphone , telephone etc. This can be a learning experience as well as fun also for the disabled child.

Nursery rhymes , dancing and acting can help the child to improve the  hand , legs coordination. Another ordinary thing – cardboard can also be of good help , you can  also make a lot lot of  things like cars , houses and thus shake the brain cells of the child.

Apart from this  another special toys for the disabled child is   perhaps puzzle games  , they are the best toy not only for a normal child but also  a disabled child  . This game not only helps to explore new adventures and activities but also refine and rejuvenate the level of their skill. This game also does a lot good to the motor skills as well as helps the child in concentrating in one thing or task .You can further  help  your child by bringing variety in the puzzles .

Also some research studies has shown that the following type of activities or toys can help the hand eye coordination in a disabled child and it is worthwhile to give them a try. The toys are- Hungry Hungry Hippo,In the Works (Discovery Toys),Operation ,Battleship,Blues Clues Partytime ,Booby Trap  ,Clue Junior/Clue,Connect Four,Cookie Cop ,Don’t Break the IceElefun etc.