Signs For The Handicapped Should Be Prominently Visible

Handicap signs are required at many places so that the disabled individuals find it possible to know that certain facilities that are available for them. It is essential and therefore mandatory for civic authorities to provide handicap signs at public places. Signs for the handicapped should be and generally are located in a way that is prominently visible to the handicapped.

There are special handicap signs to indicate reserved parking spaces for the handicapped. Parking spaces for the handicapped should be as close to the entrance of a building as possible. The handicapped should not have to travel an unreasonably long distance after having parked their vehicle.

There should be separate special signs that indicate accessibility to entrances, lifts, vans, loading zones and wheelchair ramps for the handicapped. An access aisle helps the handicapped person to get in or out of a car with ease and safety. Access aisles are also made available to the handicapped and a No Parking sign is usually put up to prevent unauthorized parking.

There is also a sign on handicap vans to indicate that the van is driven a handicapped person or has handicapped individuals. Since many handicapped persons do drive cars themselves, there are signs to indicate that such a person does not require putting a coin in the parking meters.

Signs for the handicapped  have to meet state and federal specifications and are generally illuminated at night. The font, size and material must be the right one as per the laid down specifications. Just having a handicapped sign written on the floor will not do as it can be covered with snow. In places where it snows, it is essential to have a handicap sign where it shows.

A handicapped sign is issued by the authorities to disabled persons and they are required to show this to avail of the special rights available to them. A handicapped sign is also installed in front of their house to facilitate appropriate help in case of distress or emergencies. Misuse of handicap signs is an offence and is also punishable by imposition of penalties in some cases.