Shower Stalls For The Handicapped

Showering equipment  for the handicap is designed not just for those who fall under the category of physically disabled or handicapped, but also for the elderly keeping in view their special requirements.

Such equipment provides a convenient, safe and independent way for the handicapped people to take a shower. In some cases, the entire bathroom for a handicapped person may be redesigned to facilitate ease of use and safety.

There are many variations in designs in terms of area, color scheme and the accessories that may be required.  Many companies are now involved in constructing bathrooms for the handicapped under the  advise of rehabilitation experts and doctors to optimize the advantages to their customers.

The pricing is also done according to the industry standards and are geared towards  providing maximum benefit at reasonable prices. Although the price range varies according to the number of features provided,  the overall prices are reasonable and range from $ 1149 to $2000.

The handicap showers are a kind of enclosure that allows easy access on wheel chair.  They are especially designed to accommodate and allow easy movement of wheel chair within a two-walled structure.  The wheel chair can go in from any of the open sides.

The handicap showers also have grab bars to provide support.  Some configurations also have a seating arrangement.  The material used is generally fiberglass that requires the minimal cleaning and maintenance.  There are no tiles that can come off and need to be replaced. These can be used in residential, commercial and in assisted living environments.

It is not just the functionality but also the looks that have been improved upon to quite an extent. The handicap showers now available in attractive models with either a smooth or a tiled look.  These handicap showers are available in a number of color schemes and accessories.