Scholarships For The Disabled Students- A Boon

Often cases of disabled children facing discrimination in different walks of every day life come in to light. Such children are some times ostracised by their own families and considered less productive. As a result of the social discrimination that they so frequently encounter, many such children develop feelings of frustration, depression, behaviour problems or a general social phobia.

In most of the cases, such children due to differences in terms of their appearance and/or abilities, as compared to the other children, feel so frightened that they begin to shy away from all forms of social contact, including even schools and educational institutions.

Such a social behaviour, far from being healthy, spells doom for the psychology of the growing children.

Governments in various countries have recognised this problem and are fast taking steps in this direction. Need has been felt for a strong social and communal support that must be extended to these children in addition to the familial support.

Scholarship for students with disabilities is one such step in this direction. Scholarship and financial aid and encouragement are often provided to such special children to encourage them to study. Scholarship is an award and recognition given to deserving students with an aim to cover their educational expenses and encourage them to study despite odds that they may be facing.

Such scholarship programs have been formulated in various countries with an aim to offer financial assistance and encourage the disabled students to study. Such programs endeavor to provide assitive aids to students suffering from physical or psychological disabilities.

These schemes provide assistance to the disabled students to pursue primary, secondary and even higher education. Different countries have formulated different programs to offer assistance depending on the available resources in hand.

The main idea behind all such schemes is to provide the necessary encouragement to these special children so that they are adequately equipped to face the pressures of adult life.