Restaurant Facilities For Disabled And Kids

The American Disability Act was passed in 1990 with the intention of diminishing the discrimination against the disabled. More acts were passed to provide them equal rights in various fields and to improve their living standards.

Disability codes for the disabled in private and public sectors have been made.

They are entitled to receive privileges in the areas of public service. By this code, all public services meant for communication, amusement, and refreshment must facilitate their premises for disabled people and disabled kids as well.

One of the most common places of public service is a restaurant. As per law, all restaurants must observe and follow the codes and make provisions for the elderly disabled persons and disabled kids. All restaurants, means that all such establishments irrespective of their size and capacity.

Let’s see some restaurant facilities for disabled kids. These include main door entries with wheel chair lifts and walking rods to sitting tables.

Tables and Chairs

Restaurants maintain separate tables. They are meant for the disabled only. The chairs adjoining the tables are made in a way that they can be accessed easily.


The bars must have sitting provisions for the disabled also.

Toilet facilities

The washrooms of restaurants must bear all disability aids. The toilets should have specialized equipment for them.