Rear Entry Handicap Vehicles

Handicapped vehicles need to follow certain pattern in their design, so that the disabled can drive them even with their physical limitations and feel comfortable traveling in them. Though all handicapped people may not find difficulty in traveling in normal vehicles like cars but it becomes impossible to accommodate a wheelchair or scooters in commercial vehicles. For this reason, the rear entry handicap vehicles have been manufactured.

These rear entry cars make the task of entering and exiting the vehicle easier for the handicap person. They designed in such a manner in the rear end that the wheelchairs or the scooters can be easily rolled into the vehicles via the ramps attached to the bumpers of the vehicle. The rear entry can be used for carrying the scooters or the wheel chairs conveniently. The cars or the vehicles for rear entry of handicap people come in two models. One is called the family taxi conversion and the other is called the passenger design.

The taxi conversion has a five-people capacity and the wheelchair or scooter from the rear side. And in the passenger conversion, there is a four-people capacity with ample space for the wheelchair to move near the driver’s seat. Even two disabled people can be carried in at the same time. These vehicles are called AMS, American Mobility Solution Vehicles and are compliant of the ADA. They are flexible and add some kind of maneuverability as compared to the commercial vehicles.