Portable Assistive Aids Have Given A New Life To The Disabled!

Disability was always acknowledged as a curse not very long ago. Handicap by birth or circumstances, meant little or no movement for the disabled. It was essentially a life of dependence even for fulfillment of the basic day to day needs. It would not be wrong to say that the life for the physically challenged is a life of self-inflicted ostracism– as these people considered themselves less fortunate and less capable than others.

Hopefully times have changed since then and technology has given a much-needed respite from a life of miserable dependence for these disabled people. With the advancement of science and technology, several mobility aids have been developed. These devices have become the new support system in assisting handicap movement. These assistive devices have gone a long way in helping people fight disability and transforming millions of half-hearted lives into better and self-sufficient lives.

Amongst the many inventions to assist disabled movement, portable handicap ramps have completely revolutionized the world of handicapped living. Several products have been designed to meet the maximum daily needs and requirements of the disabled. The wheel chair and scooter are two such devices that come foremost to the mind. Available in manual as well as powered variety, the wheel chair and scooter aids make their movements within a particular premise a lot easier.

While differences in landing heights can be a constraint, a diverse range of handicap ramps has been developed to overcome the hurdle. Portable folding ramps assist in wheel chair movement in a big way. These are available in the form of single-fold and multi-fold ramps.

Track ramps are useful for manual as well as power-driven wheel chairs. These can be used on steps or vans. For scooter and wheel chair types, roll-up ramps come to aid. Easy to store and set up, these ramps serve as a bridge to plug the gap over steps or elevated landings. On the other hand, telescoping ramps make mini vans and full-size vans accessible for the disabled people. These are useful for scooters and all wheel chair types.

In cases of emergency, evacuation chairs and wheel chair climbers come to the rescue of the disabled in a big way. Evacuation chairs help in quick and safe staircase evacuation while wheel chair climbers assist in climbing stairs and in exigencies can also be used for stairway evacuation. Apart from these, there are also mobile boat ramps and ramps available for wheel chair and scooters to roll over.

The portable ramps, a unique variety of mobility assistance aids to aid disabled movement, have given a fresh lease of life to the disabled. This transformation has been brought about only due to portable handicap ramps- the inimitable gift of new technology.