Obama Biden Plan To Improve Lot Of Disabled Americans

Americans have always strived for equality of opportunity to one and all regardless of race, creed, religion, culture, or medical condition. However, as matters stand today, there are many disparities between disabled Americans and non-disabled ones is still too large. Much more needs to be done to make the Americans with Disabilities Act truly in line with the vision it was set out initially to be.

Towards this endeavor an action plan has been drawn by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The first and second citizens of USA by dent of the post of President and Vice-President of the US that they hold respectively want to improve the lot of disabled Americans to ensure they do not lag behind their non-disabled counterparts in any manner.

The disparity in income between disabled Americans and non-disabled Americans is quite striking. The average household income of a non-disabled American family in the year 2006 was $65,400, whereas that of a disabled American family was then only $36,300.

Another aspect of the disparity consists in the much higher unemployment rate among disabled Americans and their better endowed brethren. In fact the employment rate of disabled Americans in the same year was lower by about 40 points than the index for without disability Americans in the working age bracket.

Faced with this situation, the two leaders of the US federal government have come up with a four point plan to improve the lot of disabled US citizens. Known as the Obama-Biden Plan for the Empowerment of Americans with Disabilities, it has four salient parts.

The first part of the plan consists in providing disabled Americans with educational opportunities to succeed in life. The Obama government will provide its share of the complete funds to ensure that the complete education of disabled Americans is borne by it to the promised extent. The initiative will make the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) a success by also ensuring its effective enforcement and implementation.

The second part of the plan is to provide them with equal opportunities vis-à-vis other sections of the US population and to end discrimination against them. The US federal government will bring into place new legislation to overturn the US Supreme Court's decision that narrowed down the definition of disability to prevent misuse. The decision affected thousands of disabled Americans. They were shunted out of their jobs by employers because they had epilepsy, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer without adequate compensation. The federal government will also improve both physical and mental health care for disabled Americans.

The third part of the plan envisages increasing the employment rate in respect of disabled Americans. The US federal government expects to achieve this by serving as a role model for other employers. It will ensure the hiring of disabled Americans for executive functions. The government will also work to effectively implement section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act.

The final part of the plan seeks to support community-based independent living for disabled Americans. The plan moots coordination of the US federal government with advocates of disability rights to ensure that disabled Americans live with respect and dignity in complete harmony with other sections of American society. The US federal government will initiate steps to ensure that disabled Americans get the choice to live in community style settings rather than in nursing homes.