Military Veteran Disability Compensation And Benefits

Serving the US Armed Forces always involves the risk of sustaining a disabling or life-threatening injury. Keeping this in mind, the US Department of Veteran Affairs has a system of disability compensation in place which takes care of the needs of armed forces veterans.

Eligibility Criteria for Receiving Veteran Disability Compensation (VDC)

VDC maybe paid if you are a veteran of the US Armed Forces and are afflicted from any of the following conditions:

* If you are carrying a disability from any disease/injury acquired in or deteriorated by federal active service or any period of active duty for training.

* If you have suffered from a disability from injury or covered disease (such as cerebrovascular accident (stroke) , cardiac arrest, or myocardial infarction-  during inactive duty for training.

* If you are parent, spouse, or child of a veteran suffering from disability suffered during the service.

Further, in order to draw VDC from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) the veteran must be at least 10 per cent disabled. The amount of VDC would be further determined by the percentage of disability suffered.

What Are The Benefits Provided?

As mentioned above the disability benefits provided in VDC hugely depend upon the extent of disability suffered during active service or inactive duty for training. The VA plays a crucial role in determining the extent of disability. The main benefits extended are as follows:

* Monthly VA grants that take care of food, clothing and shelter.

* Payment for carrying out adaptations required in safe use of automobiles.

* An annual allowance for clothing, to be given to those who use orthopedic or prosthetic appliances.

The amount of VDC does not stop here. Veterans with more than 30 per cent disability can get additional benefits for their dependents. Further, the VA can issue the release of further compensation for veterans who have incurred severe disabilities such as loss of limbs, eye-sight and reproductive organs.

Till When Is The VDC in Place?

The VDC exists till the lifetime of the disabled soldier.

When Is It Too Late To Apply?

There is no time limit within which you can apply. Even if you are a Nam-veteran and have survived this long (obviously with a disability), you can go ahead and apply for VDC.

What Is The Method of Applying?

In order to apply for VDC you need to fill form VA Form 21-526. The Department of Veteran Affairs has also made arrangements for filling the form online. The online form is available at their official site.

Are There Any Tax Exemptions For VDC?

The answer is yes. The benefits are exempted from both state as well as federal income tax.