Know About Federal Grants For Developmentally Disabled

Federal grant is an authorized financial assistance given by a federal government agency as approved by the US law.

The main purpose of the grant is to enhance the performance of the federal assistance plans, improve delivery service, and foster good coordination among the delivering agencies. At least four million people in America are suffering from developmental disabilities. These disabilities may be mild to severe.

According to the federal law, an individual under the age of 22, suffering from mental or physical disability, comes under the category of developmental disability. These individuals lack the ability of self -care and economic sustainability. So, federal government has devised many funding programs making state governments, local agencies, and other private institutions responsible to provide substantial help to the disabled, with the idea of making the disabled support themselves, and raise their productivity. These grants take care of all aspects of the life of disabled, from diagnosis and therapy to education and employment.

These programs consist of three state level programs, which take into account the needs and aspirations of the mentally challenged.  These programs are the state developmental disabilities program protection, and advocacy programs, and university affiliated programs.

The state developmental programs provide grants on the basis of population and financial needs. It takes up employment issues, education, social, and capacity building activities. Protection and advocacy program provides protection and advocacy services to developmentally disabled individuals. It takes care of legal, human right, and habitational aspects of the developmentally challenged individuals.

University affiliated programs are discretionary.  IPublic and private agencies coordinate for different grants provided by university-affiliated programs. It covers a wide range of activities, like diagnosis, early intervention, therapy, community activities, livelihood, etc. It has 61 programs emphasizing on the various needs of the developmentally disabled people. It also provides training grants to other organizations.