Improving Lives Of The Handicapped

Physical handicap does not only plague those people  who are disabled since birth. Many  people  suffer from different handicaps at some point of their lives on account of accidents, trauma or debilitating ailments. The extent of physical disabilities is much more than we can imagine. It may be observed in a number of cases in our society.

In this regard, the challenge is to facilitate the rehabilitation of the handicapped and disabled. The handicapped people are usually at the mercy of other people. Hence, the onus lies on society to make life smoother for them. The main problem faced by the handicapped people is their inability to live life the way the normal people do. They have some very special needs. These special needs range from mental and emotional support to creation of special facilities to meet physical requirements.

A handicapped person faces problems even with the very basic daily chores. As a beginning, we need to make our public utilities and services more handicapped friendly. For example, stairs in an apartment block where handicapped live should have a ramp to facilitate their movement. Their homes should also be more handicapped friendly.

The first and the foremost thing a handicapped person needs is a wheelchair. Wheelchairs help them to remain mobile within the house. If the surface of a certain house is not wheelchair friendly, a wheelchair will be of little benefit. The doors of the various rooms of the house should be wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through comfortably.

The handicapped and the disabled need surroundings into which they can easily assimilate without feeling intimidated.

Another simple example is of a bathroom that a handicapped person can use without too much of a problem. Special types of toilet pans, easy to reach and operate taps and switches and a floor that is non-slippery are just examples of the things that can be done to make a bathroom more handicapped friendly.